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We have three state of the art laminators in store.  The first is a pouch laminator which is used for one off specialised finishes (Matt/gloss combinations) as they can be placed into specific pouches rather than loading an entire roll.  The second is a roll laminator with a maximum laminate width of 300mm which is used for A4 and A3 requirements or the longer items.  This machine is always loaded with gloss finish on both rolls.  This is a very fast machine and allows the larger quantities to be laminated efficiently and accurately.

For all other laminate requirements, we use our Titan laminator.  This machine has a maximum width of 960mm.  As it is a roll feed machine, the original can be metres long.  We have two finishes available on this laminator, the default finish we use is Satin which is less reflective but doesn't dull the image at all.  We also have a gloss finish available which adds brightness to the original but is also harder to see under lights.  The majority of our customers choose the satin finish once they see the difference.

All laminate options provide maximum protection for your original and make it waterproof and help to protect from fading.  It offers the best protection available on the market today.