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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do photocopying?

You'd be surprised how often we get asked this question.  Short Answer, Yes we do.

Is it cheaper for me to print at home?

Simply put, No its not. Copyart prices are approx two thirds of the cost of a home inkjet print, and approx half the cost of a home laser print. These estimations are based on the current ISO Page Yield Standards, set out by the various printer/ink manufacturers, their figures are based on ink coverage of around 20%, we find people use more like %60-%70 coverage on average (Copyart pricing is not dependent on ink coverage and is priced per page). When dealing with printer costs, you also need to take into account any parts maintenance, paper costs, clearing of printer jams etc.

Are Copyart prints better quality than I can do at home or work?

Most definately. We use only the best industrial equipment. Our prints are colour fast, durable, photographic quality.

Do you do ordinary photo prints?

We print digitally and photocopy hardcopy photos at the highest possible quality.

However, our prints are different to the conventional photo kiosk prints (mainly not as Glossy).

We recommend people take advantage of the cheap 6x4 prices (10c each on average), but when printing any larger our digital method is the most cost effective.   

Can you print on T-shirts or Fabric?

No sorry, currently we no longer provide this service.

What sort of Canvas do you use?

 The canvas we use is 340gsm in thickness (one of the thickest in the market), this means the canvas holds its form much better that cheaper alternatives and also provides a much better print.  It has a natural matt finish so you retain the look of an original canvas.  (we can finish with a gloss varnish if you prefer, although when our matt product is viewed, we are confident you will prefer matt)

Should I send my job by email or bring in a paper copy?

You can do whichever is easiest for you.  Although, we will get a crisper/clearer copy if we print straight from a computer file.

What file types can you open?

We can work with pretty much anything.  Our preferred type is PDF as this retains colour details and text styles etc, although we can also open Microsoft Word/Excel/Publisher, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign, CorelDRAW, TIF/JPG/RAW.  If your filetype is not listed here, please contact us as I am sure we can work it out.

What dpi should I design my graphics to?

300dpi at final print size.  If you save your image as a JPG file, make sure you have your quality set to MAXIMUM.  We always recommend to design your graphics larger than the final print size as it is common to want to print larger than you think.

Do you keep our files for future orders?

In most cases we do.  If we have designed the artwork for you then yes we definitely save your file to our backup system.  If you email us a file to print, we will usually hold it for a few days although we don't save these to our backup system.  If you have supplied your own artwork for business cards, flyers, brochures etc, then we will save to our backup system.  You should always keep your own copy of any files you have created as any backup system is not fool proof.

How do I make sure my work is ready to collect?

If you are making a special trip, please call first and we will ensure we have it ready for you.  If you need your work by a particular time on any given day, please let us know at the time of ordering so we can ensure it gets prioritised accordingly.  If you email your order, please give us a time and day it is required by and we will contact you to confirm it is possible.

Do you receive my email order immediately?

We have our system set up to receive emails every 5 minutes.  However, there can be delays with emails due to the way emails are sent as there are so many other systems they go through between your computer and the email recipient.  If it is an urgent order, please follow it up with a phone call to ensure we have received it.

How do I send you a large file?

Emails are reliable for files up to 5mb in size.  Anything over that should be either brought in on a disk (CD/DVD), or a USB drive (sometimes referred to as Thumbdrive, Pendrive, Memory stick etc), or on a camera card (SD/XD/CF etc).  Another popular option is to use  Visit this website, enter our email address, upload your file.  The website sends us an email with a link to download your file, once we have downloaded it, it is deleted from their system. 

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Need to send us a large file? (over 10mb)
Use this website and you can upload your file, an email is sent to us with a special link for us to download the file.
The file is then removed from Sendspace. 

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