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Scanning  I Colour Matching I Professional Finish

Invest in your artwork!
Scanning your artwork is the easiest way to ensure your future income.

Our Super High Resolution scanner is specifically designed for scanning artwork and will ensure all the original detail of your painting is captured for reproduction.
- Your original is stored in our alarmed premises and insured whilst in our care.
- We use a flatbed scanner which means your painting is placed face down onto a glass surface and doesn't touch any moving parts.
- Unlike photographs, the sharpness of each and every brush stroke is captured, so there is no chance of blurring.
- The scan is so detailed that it allows your original to be enlarged up to 3 times the original size without losing any quality or detail.
- Large (over 1sqm) paintings can also be scanned using this method
- The scans are provided to you on CD/DVD as well as stored on our backup system

We are Specialists in this area and have over 10 years of experience
in Colour Matching prints to originals.

There are many colour matching devices, both hardware and software, available in the industry.  We have a solid understanding of colour theory and apply it daily to make matches as close as possible to the original paintings.

As part of the colour correction process, we produce a small sample print of the painting, and also a small test strip at full print size.  The test strip can be placed on top of the painting to show the closeness of the match.

The average price for this service is only around $50 per painting.  Art scanning is priced per square metre and includes the test prints.

Professional Finishing for the best possible reproduction.

The only way to reproduce artwork faithfully is to use a Giclee printer. We have one and use it to produce high quality reproductions with the upmost professional results.
High Quality Framed Canvas Finish: Copyart canvas’  are  made up of the highest quality frames, coating and canvas on the market.  We use a natural coating on the prints to give the look and feel of an original artwork, whilst giving it maximum protection.
MDF Block Mounted Finish: A popular option is to produce a high quality paper  print which has a satin laminate applied. This is then pressure mounted, using artist grade adhesive, onto a 9mm coated MDF board.
Fine Art Paper Finish: A quality “off white”  paper specifically designed for art prints to give it that natural look, ideal for framing behind glass.
Art Poster Paper Finish: A quality “bright white” heavyweight (180gsm) paper ideal for framing behind glass. For cost effective reproduction.

We are here to make things as easy as possible for you...